Whelan Coal Mullingar

Whelan Fuels Mullingar are a coal and fuel merchant based in Mullingar and deliver coal in Mullingar and surrounding areas.

Coal and other solid fuel can be collected from Whelan’s coal depot in Mullingar or coal and other solid fuel can be delivered to your door.

Whelan Coal Mullingar stock all types of solid fuel for open or enclosed fires.  Services include, coal delivery service, solid fuel delivery, bags of coal, gas delivery service, top quality coal, polish coal, affordable coal all available at Whelan Fuels Mullingar at very affordable prices.

Specialising in all types of quality coal for open fires and enclosed fires or stoves, Whelan Fuels Mullingar can deliver coal at a very affordable cost and always have special discounts if buying in bulk.

Whelan Fuels Mullingar always has special offers and discounts when buying coal in bulk, all types of coal are available for sale in store or for delivery. Services include smokeless fuel, stove coal, smokeless coal, polish coal, branded coal, solid fuel, supplying all top quality brand of smokeless fuel.

Not only does Whelan Fuels Mullingar supply top quality coal, they supply other types of solid fuel which are slow burning and a cost effective alternative.

Solid Fuel alternatives to coal from Whelan Fuels Mullingar are a cost effective way to heat a home.  Whelan Fuels Mullingar supply and deliver all types of solid fuel including Briquettes, logs, slack, singles, anthracite, arigna Eco Bright, Charcoal, fire logs, firelighters, Turf, all available for delivery or in store at great discounts.

Compliant gas suppliers, Whelan Fuels Mullingar stock a range of gas products in store and for delivery.  Whelan Fuels Mullingar are commercial gas suppliers and can offer great discounts when buying in bulk.

Whelan Fuels Mullingar stock and deliver a large range of gas products in all sizes in store at discount prices.  Services include, patio gas, butane gas, propane gas and bottles of gas.

For more information Phone 044 9348 324.

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