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Tree Maintenance Services is a highly experienced firm of Tree Care Specialists.

Tree Maintenance Services was established over 10 years ago and is owned and managed by Shane Mulligan. Tree Maintenance Services specialise in tree surgery in the Northeast area including, tree felling, stump grinding, root investigation work, hazard assessment, tree planting, tree maintenance, consultancy and more! Call Tree Maintenance Services for Tree Surgery Louth, Tree Surgery Meath, Tree Surgery Dublin, Tree Surgery Cavan, Tree Surgery Monaghan, Tree Surgery Armagh,  Tree Felling Louth, Tree Felling Meath, Tree Felling Dublin, Tree Felling Cavan, Tree Felling Monaghan, Tree Felling Armagh, hedge maintenance Louth hedge maintenance Meath, hedge maintenance Cavan, hedge maintenance Dublin, hedge maintenance Monaghan and  hedge maintenance Armagh.

Tree Maintenance Services carry out all aspects of Tree Surgery including

  • Tree Felling
  • Dismantling, Reducing, Shaping and Dead Wooding
  • Hedge Trimming, Shaping and Removal 
  • On Site Wood Chipping, Mulching and Stump Grinding
  • Full Tidy Up and Waste Removal

Tree Maintenance Services Specialise in Tree Surgery and Tree Felling .

There are many factors which make tree felling the only option. Shane Mulligan is a qualified Arborist and will be able to recognise the symptoms of rot and decay, disease, storm damage or risk to your property from overhanging branches. Sometimes a tree can be weak and unstable, meaning removing it may be your only choice. We believe that trees are very precious and important to the environment and our lives; however if they are diseased or damaged they can be in danger of falling. This is why it is important to always make sure that trees are correctly maintained and checked on a regular basis. If you do feel concerned about any dangerous looking tree situated near you, do not hesitate to call Tree Maintenace Services for advice.

Tree Maintenace Services provide a Hedge Trimming & Hedge Shaping Service.

A hedge is best-kept looking neat and tidy, which does require annual or semi annual shearing, removing a portion of the current season’s growth and this needs to be done at least once per year. Call Tree Maintenance Services for hedge trimmimg Louth, hedge trimmimg Meath, hedge trimmimg Dublin, hedge trimmimg Cavan, hedge trimmimg Monaghan, hedge trimmimg Armagh, hedge shaping Louth, hedge shaping Meath, hedge shaping Dublin, hedge shaping Cavan, hedge shaping Monaghan and hedge shaping Armagh.

Tree Maintenace Services offer a Stump Grinding & Removal service.

Stumps left behind from tree cutting can be variously described as unsightly, taking up valuable gardening space, or even hazardous. If you want the entire stump removed immediately, there is no better method than a stump grinder. 

Tree Maintenace Services provide On Site Wood Chipping in the NorthEast.

We can provide a mobile wood chipping service to visit your site. The Wood chipper will recycle timber up to 9” in diameter into 1” wood chips. The chipper provides an invaluable addition, when lopping, topping or coppicing trees. By chipping your residues, the volume of waste will be reduced from a vast mound of greenery to a manageable small pile of chip, which when seasoned, can be used around the garden. Call us for on site wood chipping Louth, on site wood chipping Meath, on site wood chipping Dublin, on site wood chipping Cavan, on site wood chipping Monaghan and on site wood chipping Armagh.

Tree Maintenance Services are fully registered & insured tree surgeons.

  • Vat and C2 Registered
  • Fully Insured Tree Surgeons
  • Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance
  • Free Quotations
  • All Work Guaranteed 
  • Discounts available to OAP’s, Schools, Churches and Disabled Persons.

Need a Tree cut in the Northeast? Call Shane at Tree Maintenance Services.

Call Tree Maintenance Services for all your Northeast tree maintenance requirements including, Tree Surgery Louth, Tree Surgery Meath, Tree Surgery Dublin, Tree Surgery Cavan, Tree Surgery Monaghan, Tree Surgery Armagh, wood chipping Louth, wood chipping Meath, wood chipping Dublin, wood chipping Cavan, wood chipping Monaghan, wood chipping Armagh, mulching Louth, mulching Meath, mulching Cavan,  mulching Dublin, mulching Monaghan and mulching Armagh.

Tree Maintenance & Forestry Services are Thinning and Clearfell Specialists based in Monaghan and provide tree maintenance thinning, felling and forestry services throughout Monaghan, cavan, Louth Meath, Dublin, Sligo, Leitrim, Longford and all Over Ireland.

Tree maintenance and forestry services provide a forest thinning service throughout Ireland.

If you think your forest is nearing thinning stage, or if you would like to plan ahead for thinning, contact us for a free, no-strings consultation.

What is Thinning?

Thinning is best described as the selective removal of inferior stems in order to favour the growth of the remainder better quality stems. It is a normal and essential part of most forest crop rotations, and is essential if crops are to produce the maximum number of high value logs and consequently increase profitability. 

Thinning operations enable premium trees to increase in volume in a shorter period of time while also developing into valuable timber. It is a vital part of plantation management and increases profitability in the long term.  Thinning provides intermediate income at 3-5 years intervals and first thinning operations usually commence when a forest reaches 16 years of age.

Income from first thinning is low in value, however as the plantation matures, the income from subsequent thinnings increases substantially. The majority of income is secured at the end of rotation when the crop is clear-felled.

Typically first thinnings provide low value timber which is used for stakes, pallets and pulp. Subsequent thinnings provide greater volumes of stake wood and pallet wood and less pulp. Final clearfell generates a high proportion of construction grade timber which is the highest value timber product.

The Thinning Process:

Site inspection

Inspection paths are essential to carry out a professional assessment for thinning purposes. Assessment will include quality, stability, quantity, stocking etc.

Felling License Procurement

It is a legal requirement to secure a felling license before any felling of trees can take place. Tree Maintenance & Forestry Services can apply, if required to do so on your behalf, for the relevant felling license according to the stage that your plantation is at.

Road grant Applications & construction

Once a site inspection is conducted and a felling license has been applied for, an application can be sent to the forest service in order to obtain grant aid to construct a road. Once approval has been obtained Tree Maintenance & Forestry Services will construct the forest road in your plantation.

Timber Removal Control

Tree Maintenance & Forestry Services will control the amount of timber removed from the site. A docket system will be put in place in order to control and keep record of the volume of timber being removed..

Marketing of timber

Tree Maintenance & Forestry Services will market and get the best price possible for your timber.

If you think your forest is nearing thinning stage, or if you would like to plan ahead for thinning, contact Shane for a free no-strings consultation on 087 4131 690


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