Cosmo Taekwondo

Welcome to Cosmo Taekwondo & Association of Traditional Taekwon-Do We are part of the Martial Art Sports. Our purpose is to demonstrate that we are all "Built for Greatness". We do this by inspiring everyone to believe in their own greatness and by changing limiting beliefs about what is possible. We achieve this by working closely with one of our partners 'Team Inspiration’. Together we inspire children to greatness.

We offer students the following:-

    Anti-bullying techniques and self defence, to help them become physically and mentally fit
    Improve your child’s school grades, lose weight & prevent peer pressure
    Develop super confidence
    Become more popular & self assured
    Improve fitness & flexibility

Through Focusing on children and young people Team Inspiration and Cosmo Taekwondo begins to address mind set change at its most critical point. Often our experiences early in life have far reaching consequences which define us long into adulthood. This can impact Self esteem and lead to beliefs which go on to limit our potential. Our aim is to demonstrate that through choice and belief in our greatness, young people can choose a path to success, energy and achievement, have fun and make new friends.

Cosmo Taekwondo teaches traditional ITF style Taekwondo and because Cosmo Taekwondo is affiliated to Martial Art Sports we get the benefit of working with experts in many other Martial Arts, including Kick-boxing, Thai-boxing, Karate and Ninjutsu.  Being able to incorporate the benefits of all these martial arts means that we can offer professional self-defence, anti-bullying and weapons programme, as well as promoting health and fitness, motivating people to achieve their own aspirations, leadership skills and executive training. Cosmo Taekwondo is one of the largest independent martial arts organisations in louth, We offer guaranteed, certified, experienced instructors, who have undertaken a specialised Instructor’s course, have a First Aid Certificate and possess a clean enhanced CRB and Professional Indemnity Insurance.  When you join Cosmo Taekwondo you can be certain that you have made the right decision. With regular local grading and local Tournaments.

Our headquarters are based in Drogheda, Cosmo Taekwondo can also offer Health and Fitness classes. Cosmo Taekwondo is committed to improving martial arts and adopt martial arts for today’s environment that is why we play a leading role in Martial Art Sports, which brings together like minded martial artists who promote and learn from one other no matter the style.

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