Massage Dublin 2.

Sri is an Indian massage therapist in Dublin 2 and provides a complete range of massage treatments in her Dublin 2 Massage Clinic.

Sri is a fully qualified Indian masseuse with a wide range of massage therapies available in her Westmoreland Street Massage Centre.

The massages provided in Sri’s Dublin 2 Massage Clinic includes, Full Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Chinese massage, Relaxation massage, Sports Massage, Lymphatic Massage, Neck massage and Shoulder Massage.

Deep tissue massage is provided by Sri in her Westmoreland Street Massage Clinic.

Sri has studied all types of massage therapies and can recommend what type of massage is best appropriated to individual ailments.

The Deep tissue massage available in Sri’s Westmoreland Street Massage Clinic is beneficial in treating: Chronic pain, Stress relief, Pain relief, Fibromyalgia, Tennis elbow, Low-back pain, Damage muscles, Ligaments, Tendons, Low heart rate and Blood pressure.

Providing Chinese massage in Dublin 2 is a speciality of Sri's Westmoreland Street Massage Centre.

As a qualified masseuse in Dublin 2, Sri has studied all Chinese massage techniques and she is familiar with what ailments is best treated using Chinese massage.

The Chinese massages in Dublin 2 provided by Sri's Westmoreland Street Massage Centre including :Tui na massage, Chinese pediatric message, An mo massage, Dian xue massage nad Qi healing massage and is helpful in; blood circulation, removing scar tissue, emotional distress, relieving chronic pain, improving athletic performance and helping the body's resistance to disease.

Sports massage in Dublin 2 is available in Sri's Westmoreland Street Massage Centre.

Fully trained in all aspects of sports massage therapies, Sri can recommend what type of massage treatments will work faster to heal different types of sport injury.  

For more information phone Sri 087 2322 303

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