R Healy & Son Funeral Directors




Since our establishment in March 1944 three generations of the Healy Family have been serving the People of Carlow.

Richard Healy (1911 – 1993) founded the funeral business in March 1944. He was a local entrepreneur and a relatively modest well known marathon athlete, known throughout the county of Carlow and the business flourished under him.

In 1960 he was joined by his only son Pat (hence the name R. Healy & Son).At this time Richard carried out the business from his home in College Street, Carlow. As the business increased it was evident that extra space and facilities were needed and Pat and his wife Cora bought Pollerton Castle, Carlow to fill this need. There Pat built a warehouse to house vehicles and coffins and in 1979 he built Carlow’s first funeral home and it proved a great addition to the firm.

In the late 1970’s Pat was joined by his eldest son Conor who trained as one of Ireland’s first embalmers which added greatly to the service to Carlow families. Sadly Conor died on March 1st 2005 at the age of 40.

The corporate firm of R. Healy & Son (Funeral) Limited was incorporated in January 1996 where the third generation were made directors. The business continued to expand and in 2003 the funeral home was extended to accommodate the extra needs of families and to incorporate a coffin showroom.

The current directors of the firm are Cora Healy, Niall W. Healy & Rory P. Healy.

R. Healy & Son Funeral Directors is a 24 hour business that caters for all aspect of funeral requirements

  • We assist you in all aspect of the funeral arrangements you choose.
  • Arrange and supervise the funeral that you choose.
  • Liaise directly, on your behalf, with all persons involved in the ceremonies.
  • Pay, on your behalf all agreed third party charges.
  • Assist you in obtaining a death certificate and social welfare benefits (if applicable)


R. Healy & Son currently hold numerous files of prearranged funerals, where members of the public have arranged their funerals and have the knowledge that their wishes will be carried out when their time comes. Many have also prepaid for their funeral. If you wish to prearrange your funeral do not hesitate to contact us as it is an every week event with us.

If you would like to receive an email alert to each funeral, please e-mail us to be included in our alert list.

For up todate funeral notices please visit www.rip.ie


What is embalming? Embalming combines the sanitation and preservation of the body. This is achieved by the injection of a treated solution into the circulatory system. This returns a more natural appearance and also prevents the spread of bacteria and advancement of deterioration.

In cremation is the coffin also cremated?  Yes. The cremation regulations require that nothing must be removed from the coffin after it has been received. Only combustible materials in the manufacture of coffins are used in cremation.

What does a funeral cost? No two funerals cost the same. Disbursements are paid out on your behalf and depending on these it varies the overall cost.

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