Dehumidifier Hire

Dehumidifier Hire Ireland is a Dehumidifier Hire service that hires dehumidifiers all over North East Ireland.

With the latest commercial dehumidifiers for hire you can collect from Dehumidifier Hire Ireland or they can deliver dehumidifiers all over the north east of Ireland.

Dehumidifier Hire Ireland can deliver hired dehumidifiers to the following Counties including, Cavan, Meath, Louth, Monaghan and Dublin. 

Water can cause long-term damage to the interior of any building that has been flooded.

Hiring a professional Dehumidifier is one of the best ways to remove damp and bad odour’s any building that has been Flooded. The EIPL BD150 Dehumidifier with its high efficiency defrost system ensures maximum extraction of water at low ambient temperatures

Dehumidifier hire is ideal for drying out all of the following including; Flooring, Carpets, Plaster, Paint, Timber, Concrete, Damp houses, Wall condensation and rooms prior to insulating.

Commercial Dehumidifier Hire is available from Dehumidifier Hire Ireland and their hired dehumidifier has the capacity to handle several room-size areas at a time

Hiring a Proven Performer like the EBAC BD150 Dehumidifier which operates under extreme conditions and removes approximately 30 Litre of water in a 24 hour period is the ideal Commercial Dehumidifier Hire machine.

Commercial Dehumidifier Hire from Dehumidifier Hire Ireland is the fastest and least expensive way to remove dampness and bad odours from the following buildings including, Churches, Offices, Shops, Old buildings, House extensions, Garages, Flats and Apartments. 

Building and renovation work in older buildings can benefit greatly if the building is dehumidified prior to commencing work.

Hiring the EBAC BD150 Professional Dehumidifier which is a rugged but portable mobile piece of equipment is the ideal unit to remove water and assist with drying areas affected with long term dampness.

Having a building dehumidified protects it from microorganisms, mold and bacteria that may grow and ultimately prevent further damage.

Air Pollution can be caused by Normal everyday activities creating extra moisture in a house.

The average family produces at least 20 pints of moisture every day from activities like cooking, showering, washing, drying clothes etc. Modern houses with double-glazing and draft proofing act like sealed units thus prohibiting sufficient ventilation.

Excess moisture in houses can create a number of problems in the house such as damp, mildew, mould growth and interstitial condensation providing the perfect breeding habitat for dust mites and other organism. Hiring a dehumidifier can help resolve these problems.

A quick and reliable way to dry out interior plastering and concrete is to hire an EBAC BD150 Dehumidifier.

Drying our new plastering and concrete flooring with the help of a Dehumidifier will give a better finish and speed up your building project.

Both Philip and Peter are very experienced in plastering and concrete flooring and can give advice on how to best use a hired dehumidifier in all building projects.

Hiring a dehumidifier for use in any interior building or renovations will provide the following benefits including; Quicker drying plastering, Quicker drying concrete flooring, Quicker drying skimmed ceilings and faster drying painting.

For more information Phone 087 645 1371 or  087 640 8668

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